Ceriotti GX4 Sterlizer (Orange)

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Made In Italy

Ceriotti GX4 Sterlizer is ergonomically designed sterilizing unit for tools that cannot be sterilised at high temperatures. It comes up with luminous general switch and door opening safety switch. GX4 is particularly useful for its shape and the large lid that allows ease of access to the tools. The safety switch integrated automatically turns the UV lamp off when opening the device, to protect you and your customers.

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1. After disinfection is complete, the indicator light will stop flashing.
2. You can open the lid and remove items during the disinfection process.
3. Once the lid is opened during disinfection, it will stop sterilizing. You must close the lid again to set a new disinfection duration.
4. After opening the lid, the UV lamp inside the device will go out.

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