Ceriotti Geyser Standard At Foot (Head Steamer)

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Made In Italy

The Ceriotti Geyser Super Electronic Steamer with Pedestal is a professional vaporizer for curative aesthetic treatments. This steam diffuser processor comes with an easy water replenishment system and timer feature, electronic temperature and steam amount regulator, operation light, and condensation tank.


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1. Ensure that steam released is aimed away from the floor or surrounding objects. Plug the unit into a properly grounded electrical outlet, turn it ON and allow the unit to produce steam until the solution is used up.
2. Repeat the above procedure as many times as necessary until a normal steam flow is achieved.
3. Fill the Water Tank with fresh water and rinse out.
4. Fill the Water Tank with fresh water again, and release steam through the system until the Water Tank is empty.
5. Perform a test cleaning on a suitable isolated area after each lime scale removal to ensure that there is no debris left in the system

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