Ceriotti Mec Dryer at Foot (Mx-37000) Clamazone


Made In Italy

MEC. Professional hood hairdryer, with compact design to provide all the comforts of a traditional hood dryer, with improved performance. Thanks to the large hood, airflow and internal flow system, it allows you to achieve top performances. MEC – automatic with timer, thermostat and temperature control light. MEC 2 – 2 speeds with timer, thermostat, temperature control light and a 2-speed adjustable motor for best technical hairdressing and drying works. MEC 4 – 4 speeds turbo with temporizer, regulation thermostat and temperature control light. 4 speeds engine starting from 600 revolutions per minute: 1st speed: technical works of hairstyling and free drying even without hair-net. – 2nd speed: technical works of haistyling and common drying – 3rd speed: quick drying – 4th speed: ultrafast drying, allowed by the big airflow distributed in a uniform way. Upon request, hood with guided shower-jet airflow, in order not to desarray the hairstyle.


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1 Take the hair dryer out the box.
2 Plug it into the electric socket.
3 Turn it on.
4 Aim the hair dryer at your hair.
5 Turn it off once your hair is dry.
6 Unplug the hair dryer.
7 Put the hair dryer away.

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Dimensions40 × 42 × 55 cm




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1 Year Service Warranty

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