Cera Care Portable Ultrasound Anti-Age Skin Tightening Ultrasonic 628 Facial Massage Beauty Machine


This Professional Cera Care Ultrasonic Instrument helps to Increase blood circulation, Loosen the nerve muscle, resist muscular nerve. Bightening and Moisturizing, Smoothing Wrinkles, Lifting Skin.
Using this machine on wrinkles, lifting skin, smoothing fine lines etc.

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Key Feature

  • Two working modes: continuous working mode and discontinuous working mode.
  • Improvement of microcirculation, inhibiting facial varicose, improve dry skin and skin aging lines, detox.
  • Dissolve hypodermic fat, accelerate absorption, heals acne skin.
  • Smooth wrinkles, reduce puffiness around the eyes. Whiten black spots, freckles, and aged marks
  • Light weight and compact design.


– Patient with angiocardiopathy, hemorrhagic disease, wounds and the pregnant woman should not take this treatment.
– Keep the probes clean and dry. Do not wash by water, disinfect and clean with cotton, do not drop or hit the probes.
– Do not let the probes work without any operations, or the machine may get broken.
– Do not use around the eyeball.
– Person with hypohepatia, cirrhosis and kidney problem should not use this machine.

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 7.5 × 2.5 cm






Box Contain

1 X Main Unit
1 X Body Ultrasound Probe
1 X Face Ultrasound Probe