We offer a wide range of professional beauty and salon accessories from local and international brands. We stock salon accessories like sponges & applicators, cotton pads, facial wipes, skincare tools, eyebrow razor, bleach brush, cutting collars, colour accessories, styling accessories, foils & wraps for hair, hair combs, hair cutting sheet (capes), skin safe stain removal formula, dusting brush, hair attachments, hair extensions, pins, clips, wigs, gowns, towels, gloves, salon apron, sharpeners, spray bottles, liquid dispenser, bowl & mixing sets, mirrors, tube squeezer, sterilizer, scissor pouches, handwash, face brush, blush brush, brush sets, sponges & applicators, eyeliner brush mascara brush, eyeshadow brush, lash/brow brush, eyelash curlers, lip brush, makeup remover wipes, makeup pouches, nail brushes, nail glue, files & buffers, nail tools and cuticle & nail care.

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