In keeping with the current times we at Beauty Palace, are offering a wide range of disposable products to enable professional salons & spa’s to provide their services. Our disposable range of products includes disposable pedicure towel, disposable manicure towel, disposable towel, disposable napkin, disposable gown, disposable men jacket, disposable bra, disposable panties, disposable glasses, disposable boxer, disposable client apron, disposable bedsheet, disposable facial bands, disposable slippers, disposable shoe cover, mouth mask, kimonos, body cover, spatula, waxing strips, Ikonic Safe Face Pro and manicure & pedicure disposables.

Disposable Pedicure Towel
Disposable Manicure Towel
Disposable Towel
Disposable Napkin
Disposable Gown
Disposable Men Jacket
Disposable Bra
Disposable Panties
Disposable Glasses
Disposable Boxer
Disposable Client Apron
Disposable Bedsheet
Disposable Facial Bands
Disposable Slippers
Disposable Shoe Cover
Mouth mask
Body Cover
Waxing Strips
Ikonic Safe Face Pro
Manicure & Pedicure Disposables
Disposable Shower Cap Plastic
Disposable Shower Cap Tissue
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We Pledge Our Support and Co-operation!

We follow all safety measures for our team members & all our customers each & every time because we know each one of us is safe only when all of us are safe.