We Pledge Our Support and Co-operation!​

We Pledge Our Support and Co-operation!​  Warehouse

It’s been over a month since we have made some significant changes to follow smooth operations due to the Covid-19. We follow all safety measures for our team members & all our customers each & every time because we know each one of us is safe only when all of us are safe. We will continue to strive to provide you with the best-in-class service and fabulous products that suit your professional and personal needs.

Here is an update with the steps that we have taken to ensure safety for all.

Our warehouse operations team and the staff at each of our stores is safe and not been ill. We will continue to adhere to strict safety procedures and routine at all times.

The wearing of masks and gloves is compulsory; breaks will be taken at different time intervals while maintaining a distance. The teams are navigating themselves around the warehouse and stores with great care and skill to maintain sufficient distance from each other. All common areas are washed and sanitized twice a day. We have hand sanitizers kept ideal locations in the warehouse and store for all.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, we had invested hugely in increasing our stock levels, making it easy to fulfil requirements without needing a constant flow of delivery drivers.

All the government health warnings have been relayed to the teams; there are posters, and reminders all over the place as safety and health remains our number 1 priority and concern. 

With all the measures in place, we are now able to bring back our attention to our business and you, our customers. We have happy to announce that due to the above safety measures, we will be regaining business shortly.

Due to the new guidelines, our timing at the store and delivery of products may fluctuate and be slightly longer than the usual.

Thank You for being so patient with us at this time, and we want you to place your orders with confidence as our warehouse and stores are safe and secure.

The company, the whole country, has been challenged in a way that no-one would imagine. We are confident that with all the safety measures in place, the goodwill, hard work and flexibility of our talented and motivated team, we will come through this quickly, and we will be stronger and better than ever before.

Thank You for your continued support.


Beauty Palace,